Thai Board of investment

The Thai BOI works primarily with the following 8 sectors, If your business falls into one of these areas you may qualify to have a BOI company in Thailand and gain many benefits:

Nowadays Thailand Board of Investment offers promotional privileges in 8 key sectors :

(1) Agriculture and agricultural products

(2) Minerals, ceramics and basic metals

(3) Light industry

(4) Metal products, machinery and transport equipment

(5) Electronic Industry and the electrical appliances

(6) Chemicals, paper and plastics

(7) Services and public utilities

(8) Technology and Innovation Development

WHY would you want to open a BOI company in Thailand?

One of the most attractive aspects of having a BOI company is the 100% foreign ownership that is possible… so there is no need to follow the quota of 51% Thai and 49% Foreigner that is the normal shareholding structure of a limited company. Also there are many tax incentives as well.

HOW To do it?

You must realize that the preparation of the application and presentations at the Thailand Board of Investment are highly complex proceedings, and take about 3 months to complete before the BOI certificate is issued. We highly recommend having legal assistance and advice for the process.

Our law firm can assist you in setting up a BOI company in Thailand and obtain the incentives you need to help lead your business to success. The ways we can help are:

-Studying the eligibility of the business plan under BOI

-Preparing the application and liaising with the BOI officer to amend the application if needed

-Submitting the application and presentation of the business plan to BOI

-Receiving the BOI certificate

-Assistance on Work Permit and Visa of Foreign employees

-Compliance and reporting to BOI after obtaining the certificate

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