We Specialize in Thai Business law for foreign clients wanting to do business here in Thailand.

Deciding to start a business in Thailand can be a very profitable decision. Thailand is beautiful with a nice tropical climate and unhurried lifestyle. Also Thailand's economy makes it easy to do business here, and the people are kind and make you feel welcome.

Due to the wonderful people and strong economies here in Thailand it is one of the easiest economies in the world to do business in. The laws and regulations in Thailand are sometimes confusing but with the proper legal help you will find that they are made to support businesses. Thailand has some of the best infrastructure and facilities in South East Asia that are needed to run a successful business.

Also there is cheap transportation costs, as well as very good internet connectivity and phone service throughout the country.

Some of the main reasons you would want to do business in Thailand are the affordable business and operational costs like renting office space (which is a fraction the cost of the west). Salaries here in Thailand are also a fraction of the salaries of the west, making staffing the company much easier...And finally there is also a very reasonable corporate tax rate.

In addition one of the most important things is that Thailand is a very safe place to live in and do business.

If you decide Thailand is for you we can help you every step of the way... from setting up your company, taking care of your Visa and work permit, helping with legal contracts and document, as well as any litigation services you may need.