Notary Public in Thailand

NotaryA Notary Public is an official that has the power to sign and certify the authenticity of documents and witness statements of people that are given under oath and are legally binding. Notarization of documents is a very important service as most government offices, and many business contracts, may require notarization.

In Thailand there are no Notary Public, instead some lawyers are given the authority to provide notary services in the country. Here is Thailand it is the Lawyers Council that controls the practice of Notary services in the country. As such a lawyer must undergo special training and pass a professional exam to be registered as a Notarial Services Attorney.

Notary services that we offer at our Firm:

  1. Certification of Documents and verification of authenticity of documents as well
  2. Administrating Oaths and Affirmations that are legally binding
  3. Be a witness to the signing of documents

Our firm can help you with all your needs in this area and we are fully certified and approved by the legal council of Thailand to do so. Contact us today and we can discuss your needs and how we may be best of service for you.


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