Business Visa for Thailand

business handshakeForeigners who wish to come to Thailand to work or opening a business are required to hold a Thai Non-Immigrant B (Business Visa). This Visa will be given as a 3 month Visa (multiple entry visas are possible and good for a year, however you are only allowed inside the country for 3 months at a time without a visa extension) and can be extended for 1 year at a local Immigration Offices inside Thailand.

If you wish to work in Thailand, with a job or even in your own company that you wish to open, in both cases you will need a Non-B visa combined with a valid work permit. (as a Side Note: If you have a family you can get a work permit with your Non-O visa).

Thailand is a very good place to start a business and also to work for a foreigner, as your salary will be much higher then a locals (even if it is less than back home you will be able to live very well here).


A couple important things to note about your Visa; FIRST is that after you have your visa extension you will need to apply for a re-entry permit if you wish to leave the country, failing to do so will cancel your extension and it will be needed to do again, also if you only have a single entry visa you will need a new visa before coming back to Thailand. We can assit you with this procedure as well.

Second is that after you have your 1 year extension here in Thailand you are required to notify the immigration office every 90 days of your address, we know this takes time and as a client of ours we can also assist with this process.


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