• 21 March 2022


    THAILAND BOARD OF INVESTMENT (BOI) ADVISORY SERVICES The Thai BOI works primarily with the following 8 sectors, If your business falls into one of these areas you may qualify to have a BOI company in Thailand and gain many benefits: Nowadays Thailand Board of Investment offers promotional privileges in 8 key sectors : (1) Agriculture and agricultural products (2) Minerals, ceramics and basic metals (3) Light industry (4) Metal products, machinery and transport equipment (5) Electronic Industry and the electrical appliances (6) Chemicals, paper and plastics (7) Services and public utilities (8) Technology and Innovation Development WHY would you want to open a BOI company in Thailand? One of the most attractive aspects of having a BOI company is the 100% foreign ownership that is possible… so there is no need to follow the quota of 51% Thai and 49% Foreigner that is the normal shareholding structure of a limited company. Also there are many tax incentives as well. HOW To do it? You must realize that the preparation of the application and presentations at the Thailand Board of Investment are highly complex proceedings, and take about 3 months to complete before the BOI certificate is issued. We highly recommend having legal assistance and advice for the process. Our law firm can assist you in setting up a BOI company in Thailand and obtain the incentives you need to help lead your business to success. The ways we can help are: -Studying the eligibility of the business plan under BOI -Preparing the application and liaising with the BOI officer to amend the application if needed -Submitting the application and presentation of the business plan to BOI -Receiving the BOI certificate -Assistance on Work Permit and Visa of Foreign employees -Compliance and reporting to BOI after obtaining the certificate CONTACT US TODAY to start your journey to success with a Thai BOI company.

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  • 20 March 2022

    Non-B Business Visa for Thailand

    Business Visa for Thailand Foreigners who wish to come to Thailand to work or opening a business are required to hold a Thai Non-Immigrant B (Business Visa). This Visa will be given as a 3 month Visa (multiple entry visas are possible and good for a year, however you are only allowed inside the country for 3 months at a time without a visa extension) and can be extended for 1 year at a local Immigration Offices inside Thailand. If you wish to work in Thailand, with a job or even in your own company that you wish to open, in both cases you will need a Non-B visa combined with a valid work permit. (as a Side Note: If you have a family you can get a work permit with your Non-O visa). Thailand is a very good place to start a business and also to work for a foreigner, as your salary will be much higher then a locals (even if it is less than back home you will be able to live very well here).   A couple important things to note about your Visa; FIRST is that after you have your visa extension you will need to apply for a re-entry permit if you wish to leave the country, failing to do so will cancel your extension and it will be needed to do again, also if you only have a single entry visa you will need a new visa before coming back to Thailand. We can assit you with this procedure as well. Second is that after you have your 1 year extension here in Thailand you are required to notify the immigration office every 90 days of your address, we know this takes time and as a client of ours we can also assist with this process.        

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  • 18 March 2022

    Marriage & Child Visa requirements

    Marriage and Child Visa requirements Are you married to a Thai national or have a child in Thailand? If the answer is yes then you might qualify for a family visa in Thailand (non-o visa). In addition to having a family there are some financial requirements and numerous documents that are also needed. It can be very stressful for people to try and do this on their own. By contacting us we can inform you of the most current requirements for your visa as well as assist you in the processing to make it smoother and more hassle free. We help many people with their visa situation both for family and retirement here in Thailand and we would be happy to also assist you. Contact us today with this form and we will contact you back to arrange a consultation and see if we can help you in your situation.

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  • 16 March 2022

    Retirement visa requirements in Thailand

    Retirement visa requirements in Thailand If you are over the age of 50 you can qualify for a retirement visa which would allow you to stay in Thailand. The Visa would need to be renewed each year, and here are the requirements for the Visa: Be over the age of 50 A: Have 800,000 Thai Baht in a Thai Bank 2 months prior to applying for the visa extension, and 3 months after applying for the visa extension. At this time you can withdraw the money but you must maintain a 400,000 Baht balance always. This requirement is the same each year that you extend your visa. OR B: Have 65,000 Baht in monthly income from a pension, and a letter from the applicants Embassy is required for proof of income. If you can meet the above requirements for a retirement visa we would be happy to help facilitate that for you. Contact us and we can inform you on what documents you will need to prepare and we would be happy to get it done for you.

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