• Employment contract
    6 May 2022

    Employment Contracts

    The employment contract The rights of people working in Thailand and the obligations of the employers are described in the Labor Protection Act of 1998, the Acts cover Thai and foreign employees working for companies doing business in Thailand. There are various penalties, both civil and criminal, for employers that fail to adhere to the rules. This contract initiates certain rights and obligations for both parties. The employee has a duty to render service. The employer has a duty to pay remuneration for such service. Under Thai law, the remuneration can only be in the form of money or valuable items and has to be paid in a fixed period (daily, weekly, monthly, or at the time of service). To make sure that the contracts you use are in compliance with Thai labor legislation it is best to have them drawn up for you by a lawyer. We specialize in Business Law and can make sure the documents you need will meet all the requirements of Thai Law. Contact us today for help with your business needs here in Thailand.

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  • 30 April 2022

    Family Law

    Family Law Family law is a very big area of law, most of us think about divorce when think about family law. However it is far more than that. Also in this area of law we deal with “Will and Estate Planning”, “Spouse’s Visa Application“, “Prenuptial Agreement Drafting and Marriage Registration”, “Child Legitimization” and any other legal service that impacts the family. We understand that family law is about Families, and that this is a very important part of peoples lives. We will always insure you have the best representation in these areas because for us, family is the most important thing. For all of your family legal concerns please contact us with the form below.  

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  • Litigation in Thailand
    28 April 2022

    Legal Representation

    Litigation in Thailand If you need to go to court in Thailand there are a few things you should know. First is Thailand does not have a jury system, It is the judge or judges who shall render the decision in the case. Also only Thai lawyers can represent a client in court (foreign lawyers can give advice but not conduct a case in court). Lastly is that Thai Language is used in all documents and proceedings, it is not a bilingual place, so having a Good Thai Lawyer who also speaks English is very important for a foreigner dealing with the courts. Thai Court Process The process can be complicated and does take time. If you feel you have a situation that needs to be brought to the court or you yourself are being charged here in Thailand then contact us and we can advice and also represent you here in Thailand. We have some great litigation lawyers and we speak English. Contact us today with the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.    

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  • 27 April 2022

    Company Registration in Thailand

    Setting up a Business in Thailand Company registration in Thailand can be a little confusing and complicated, it is important to protect the foreign interest when setting up the company, to insure this it is advised to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced law firm to assist you and make sure you are protected and have control of your company. Before discussing with a lawyer you should think about and have the answer to the following questions: What are the main business activities and objectives of the company? What is the company name you what? Is there a foreign parent company with shareholding requirements? Will you need need to sponsor visas and work permits for foreign personnel? What kind of premises does the company require? Things to keep in mind You will need 3 shareholders to open a company. You will need 2 million Baht Capitalization for 1 work permit (unless married then the requirement is 1 million) You will need 4 Thai employees for 1 foreigner work permit (again unless married then only 2 is required) “Registering under a Treaty of Amity or Foreign Business license is also an alternative wise option for foreign investor who would like the company to be owned 100% by foreign or foreigner holding a majority of share. There will be no headache finding Thai partner –shareholder or any future trustworthy issue. You will have a fully power to control your business!”    If all the above sounds good then feel free to contact us and we can assist you in your needs for starting and running your business here in Thailand.  

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