Marriage & Child Visa requirements

18 March 2022

Marriage and Child Visa requirements Are you married to a Thai national or have a child in Thailand? If the answer is yes then you might qualify for a family visa in Thailand (non-o visa). In addition to having a family there are some financial requirements and numerous documents that are also needed. It can be very stressful for people to try and do this on their own. By contacting us we can inform you of the most current requirements for your visa as well as assist you in the processing to make it smoother and more hassle free. We help many people with their visa situation both for family and retirement here in Thailand and we would be happy to also assist you. Contact us today with this form and we will contact you back to arrange a consultation and see if we can help you in your situation.

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Retirement visa requirements in Thailand

16 March 2022

Retirement visa requirements in Thailand If you are over the age of 50 you can qualify for a retirement visa which would allow you to stay in Thailand. The Visa would need to be renewed each year, and here are the requirements for the Visa: Be over the age of 50 A: Have 800,000 Thai Baht in a Thai Bank 2 months prior to applying for the visa extension, and 3 months after applying for the visa extension. At this time you can withdraw the money but you must maintain a 400,000 Baht balance always. This requirement is the same each year that you extend your visa. OR B: Have 65,000 Baht in monthly income from a pension, and a letter from the applicants Embassy is required for proof of income. If you can meet the above requirements for a retirement visa we would be happy to help facilitate that for you. Contact us and we can inform you on what documents you will need to prepare and we would be happy to get it done for you.

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Benefits of a Registered Trademark

27 July 2021

When starting a business, registering your trademark, logo, and/or business name should be an important consideration. Below are six benefits of registering your trademark.

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