Benefits of a Registered Trademark

When starting a business, registering your trademark, logo, and/or business name should be an important consideration. Below are six benefits of registering your trademark.


BENEFIT 1: Unregistered trademarks for the sale of goods or services may have some legal protection, the burden of proof is much higher should someone copy your creation. Having a registered trademark on file gives the business owner additional protections, including presumed ownership, and diminishes the burden of proof.


BENEFIT 2: By registering you make sure that your trademark is not similar to any other registered trademarks. This protects you from getting sued by someone who already has the same idea or product as you and may have to pay legal fees and fines as well as give up all profits obtained under the unregistered mark. In addition you could also be forced to pay damages to the owner of the registered mark. This could also affect your reputation with your customers and maybe even cause you to lose customers from the confusion over your product or identity.


BENEFIT 3: Registering the trademark ensures that other companies will not have a similar trademark, and gives your company exclusive rights to operate and market under said trademark.


BENEFIT 4: Your trademark also provides the right to legal action against anyone that infringes upon it. Once you have your registered trademark, this can also help protect against counterfeit goods.


BENEFIT 5: You can use the symbol, “®” after your trademark, which indicates your mark is federally registered, adding to the prestige and reputation of your company.


BENEFIT 6: If your company wants to expand into other countries, you can use your federal registration for foreign trademark filing.